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Our comprehensive Real Estate service, a cornerstone of Lubin Olson since its founding, counsels businesses in every stage of the transaction, including institutional and entrepreneurial investors and developers (both domestic and international), sponsors, asset managers, banks, brokerage companies, retailers, title insurance companies, financial institutions, and other local, regional, and national companies. We guide our clients through projects in office, retail, industrial, life/science, mixed-use, multi-family, and residential spaces.   

We provide a full range of services to clients, including planning and structuring, drafting and negotiating agreements, navigating commercial and compliance matters, and advising on regulatory and operational issues. We understand the importance of our services and the need to take a practical approach while providing the legal experience required for sophisticated transactions. We have successfully handled many of the largest, noteworthy transactions and are able to provide services across our many practice areas in connection with commercial transactions to ensure the needed knowledge and resources are available to our clients.  

Our real estate services encompass five principal areas:

Purchase and Sale Transactions

Working in conjunction with our real estate clients, we negotiate and draft purchase and sale agreements, letters of intent, option agreements, listing agreements, and loan documents. We guide them through due diligence, including property inspections and the review of leases and titles, and the coordination of closings. Lubin Olson also advises our clients in forming, structuring, capitalizing, and documenting their ownership entities.


In commercial leasing, we represent landlords and tenants, assisting them in the process of leasing office, retail, life/science, industrial, mixed-use, and manufacturing space, as well as ground lease transactions. With our knowledgeable attorneys’ decades of experience, we negotiate and draft comprehensive brokerage agreements, letters of intent, work letters, and lease amendments, extensions, and terminations.


When local, regional, and national developers embark on new projects, Lubin Olson’s lawyers advise them on obtaining entitlements, securing financing, acquiring property, and constructing their buildings. In sync with our clients’ goals, we negotiate and draft appropriate documentation, including development agreements, covenants, conditions and restrictions, reciprocal easement agreements, and design, construction, and project management contracts. Our clients also seek our insight when forming joint ventures and public-private partnerships.


Lubin Olson represents owners/developers, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and lenders, guiding them through public and private construction legal solutions. We collaboratively maneuver drafting contracts, negotiation and enforcement, licensing issues, and contract, surety, guarantee, warranty, claims, mechanics’ lien, performance, and defect-related litigation.

Financing and Workouts

Our Real Estate service frequently fuses with our Finance & Workouts service to advise clients on financing their deals through acquisition, construction, mezzanine, bridge, and permanent loans. As their partner in the process, Lubin Olson reviews and negotiates loan and security documents, guaranties, inter-creditor agreements, and SNDAs. We also handle all facets of loan restructuring ranging from forbearance agreements, loan modifications, judicial and non-judicial enforcement proceedings, short sales, and deed-in-lieu agreements.

For more information about Lubin Olson’s Real Estate service, please contact Beth S. Anderson.

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