Protecting Employers and Ensuring Workplace Compliance

Lubin Olson guides its business clients through employment-related challenges and compliance issues. We collaborate with employers to develop strategic solutions that meet both their operational needs and workplace compliance goals, including guidance on policies and procedures, employment agreements, executive compensation, personnel issues, and severance agreements. 

We also advise and formulate solutions for compensation (wage and hour, meal and rest periods, overtime, fluctuating workweek, record keeping, and timekeeping); leave time; discrimination; harassment; retaliation; failure to accommodate; worker classification (exempt/non-exempt status and employee/independent contractor agreements); defamation; statutory violations; and contracts (employment agreements, arbitration agreements, severance agreements, and wrongful termination). 

We implement a risk-management approach, carefully examining the financial, business, and legal impacts throughout the process of determining a resolution. We take a preventative approach to address employment matters pre-litigation before disputes intensify and to vet compliance issues thoroughly before the implementation of newly-enacted laws. 

When we encounter a conflict that cannot be resolved outside the courts, arbitral forums, or administrative agencies, our team of employment litigators has significant trial experience and is ready to strenuously and cost-effectively advocate for Lubin Olson’s clients. 

For additional information about Lubin Olson’s Employment service, please contact Mia S. Blackler.

Employment Lawyers

Mia S. Blackler