Land Use & CEQA

Land Use & CEQA

Advising on Land Use & Environmental Procedures

At Lubin Olson, we work closely with our clients on their residential, retail, commercial, mixed-use, institutional, industrial, and infrastructure projects, counseling them on land use planning, environmental reviews, development entitlements, and land use and environmental litigation. Our attorneys endeavor to avoid litigation whenever possible, but if necessary, we have an extensive record of successfully litigating cases under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the state planning and zoning laws, local zoning ordinances, and related land use and environmental statutes at both the trial court and appellate levels.

Our mastery of the field of land use allows us to organize a team based on each client’s needs, then to cohesively and successfully negotiate, document, bulletproof, and defend local, state, and federal entitlements. We have particular skill set in the preparation of environmental review documents under CEQA and the development of defensible administrative records in anticipation of litigation, having worked on hundreds of CEQA documents, successfully defending dozens of them in court. Lubin Olson’s land use attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience applying local planning and zoning laws; local, state, and federal land use and environmental laws; the Subdivision Map Act; the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act; and the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act.

Transactions involving real estate, timber, minerals, oil and gas, solar power, and water often involve the use of natural resources and environmental issues. We guide Lubin Olson’s land use & CEQA clients, developing strategic approaches that may include natural resource joint ventures, contracts, acquisition and disposition, solar, hydroelectric, cogeneration and other energy development projects, federal and state permitting, and environmental review and impact mitigation.

For additional information about Lubin Olson’s Land Use service, please contact Charles R. Olson.

Land Use & CEQA Lawyers

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