A Seasoned Trial & Litigation Team with Your Best Interests at the Forefront

Lubin Olson’s Litigation service group is highly regarded for our prowess, experience, and efficiency. The Litigation group has extensive experience litigating a range of commercial disputes in state and federal courts and arbitrations throughout California. We have successfully litigated cases in real estate, contracts, securities, employment, lender liability, receiverships, construction (contract, surety, guarantee, warranty, claims, mechanics’ lien, performance, and defect), unfair competition, broker and professional liability, business torts, and fiduciary matters.

Our litigation group is composed of seasoned attorneys, ensuring our clients can rely on receiving practical and experienced advice rather than on having their matters serve as a training ground for new lawyers. We efficiently staff each case to create a devoted team of counselors, but we have the capability to draw upon our firm’s resources to supplement where needed. A more focused and experienced group of litigators ensures a quality, cost-effective approach for our clients.

Our knowledgeable and skilled attorneys with extensive trial experience utilize creativity, practical problem-solving, and an analytical mindset to work closely with clients, developing tailored approaches dependent upon each situation. Much of our focus is preventative, advising our clients on how to avoid lawsuits or successfully utilize dispute resolution alternatives to litigation. Should litigation arise, our first objective is to resolve it as quickly and inexpensively as possible, either through an early settlement or a favorable pre-trial disposition. Not all lawsuits can be addressed via a pre-trial disposition, and our clients are reassured that our litigators are first and foremost trial lawyers who are skilled at trying or arbitrating disputes.

For more information about Lubin Olson’s Litigation service, please contact Ellen A. Cirangle.

Litigation Lawyers

Mia S. Blackler

Ian E. Browning

Ellen A. Cirangle

Richard E. Elder

Hillary A. Lehmann

Angela Li

Gerald M. Murphy

Charles R. Olson

Gabriel A. Peixoto

Abram P. Petersen

Victoria H. Phan

Cruz Rocha

Philip J. Sciranka

Bryan S. Silverman

Jonathan E. Sommer

Kyle A. Withers