Creditor’s Rights, Receiverships, & Insolvency

Creditor’s Rights, Receiverships, & Insolvency

Generating Resolutions for Commercial Bankruptcy and Non-Bankruptcy Creditor’s Rights

Lubin Olson specializes in collaborating with real estate developers, commercial landlords, financial institutions, and equipment lessors in commercial bankruptcy cases and non-bankruptcy creditor’s rights litigation. 

Our Creditor’s Rights, Receiverships & Insolvency service can specifically address all bankruptcy-related matters, including negotiated and court-ordered plan confirmations, claims prosecution, debtor-in-possession and post-petition financing, floor financing, preference and fraudulent transfer defenses, automatic stay relief, asset sales, debt restructuring, cash collateral, and equipment leasing issues. Our lawyers are also adept at loan and judgment enforcement in California state and federal courts, such as receiverships, pre- and post-judgment writs, and other execution remedies. 

Upon building a team with the necessary knowledge and experience for each situation, we craft a thorough, customized recovery strategy by working conjointly with the client. To ensure a comprehensive solution, we often collaborate with our firm’s intra-disciplinary Finance & Workouts service to restructure secured, non-performing commercial loans and to resolve issues pertaining to loan modifications, assumption and rejection issues, letters of credit, and security deposits. 

For more information about Lubin Olson’s Creditor’s Rights, Receiverships, & Insolvency service, please contact Mia S. Blackler.

Creditor's Rights, Receiverships, & Insolvency Lawyers

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