Lubin Olson Succeeds in Delaware Chancery Court in Obtaining Advancement for Officer of Venture Capital Fund, Securing Contempt Order and Defeating Bid for Arbitration

Ellen Cirangle and Ian Browning successfully obtained an Order Granting Motion for Summary Judgment in favor of our client Purvi Gandhi in the Delaware Chancery Court, awarding her advancement for her defense in an action brought in Santa Clara Superior Court.

We also succeeded in obtaining an Order Holding Respondents in Contempt after the Respondents failed to comply with the Court’s order. Finally, we also successfully defeated the fund’s Motion to Dismiss in Favor of Arbitration and Rule 60 Motion to Vacate Orders, resulting in a lengthy published opinion.

The citations to the decisions are below.

Gandhi-Kapoor v. Hone Capital LLC, 2023 WL 2814603 (Del.Ch.) (ORDER GRANTING MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT)

Gandhi-Kapoor v. Hone Capital LLC (Del. Ch., July 19, 2023, No. 2022-0881-JTL) 2023 WL 4628782 (OPINION HOLDING RESPONDENTS IN CONTEMPT)

Gandhi-Kapoor v. Hone Capital LLC (Del. Ch., Nov. 22, 2023, No. 2022-0881-JTL) 2023 WL 8480970 (OPINION DENYING RULE 12(B)(1) MOTION TO DISMISS IN FAVOR OF ARBITRATION AND RULE 60 MOTION TO VACATE ORDERS)

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